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Sister and Mister is a family owned and operated children’s clothing boutique that brings together like-minded brands from around the world, under one roof. Launched by Texas mother of nine, Kresta Morgan, who firmly believes that childhood is a magical time meant for climbing trees, stuffing acorns in pockets and jumping in muddy puddles. As a mom who loves dressing her own children in quality clothing, she designed Sister and Mister to honor both mother and child by curating beautiful collections of easy to wear clothing made for adventure. As a trusted one stop-shop, they provide a fascinating shopping experience for brands obsessed Mama’s and their spirited little ones. 


Most of the tribe


Hi, I'm Kresta owner and operator of Sister and Mister and this is most of my beautiful tribe. Children don't keep as the saying goes, and some of my babies have already flown the nest. It happens fast Mama's so don't blink! All of the children play a part in running the business. My husband, Daniel is our biggest fan and supporter. I'm thankful for the way that each of them uses their strengths and gifts to serve the company. I couldn't do it without them. 

Thanks for taking the time read our story and be a part of our journey. 

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